Upward Flow Stirring System

Upward Flow Stirring System

Upward flow stirrer is non-aerating, eliminating foaming and splashing during mixing


Results for specific mixing speed ranges will vary with viscosity.


Ideal for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, inks, petroleum, and foods, this overhead stirrer provides rapid disbursement or re-suspension of heat-sensitive substances. The stirrer can also emulsify liquids of different densities, dissolve low-soluble solids, and re-suspend bacteria into solutions. Even at high speeds, the unique stirring action creates minimal surface disturbance; operation in nearly full containers of all sizes is also possible. All wetted parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for easy cleaning. A self-lubricating fluoropolymer resin bushing requires no maintenance. Shielded stirring blades protect mixing vessels from damage. The outer housing may be removed from the stirring blades for use as a conventional stirrer.

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