Ultrasound Resolution Phantom 044

Ultrasound Resolution Phantom 044


The Ultrasound Resolution phantom is an ultrasound QA tool for simultaneous assessment of axial, lateral and elevational resolution.


The phantom is constructed from the patented solid elastic material, Zerdine®(1) and is housed in a rugged ABS casing. Zerdine accurately simulates the ultrasound characteristics of human liver tissue.


The Model 044 consists of two planes of short cylinders.  One plane has an attenuation coefficient of 0.5 dB/cm-MHz while the other is 0.7 dB/cm-MHz.  Each plane has two groups of targets.  The 12 mm diameter test objects have three contrasts with respect to the background enabling low contrast resolution assessment at many depths.   All other targets are anechoic.  To facilitate proper probe alignment, the Model 044 also contains a series of nylon targets.


The phantom includes a carry case, certificate of compliance, user guide and 48-month warranty.


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