Round Bottom Aluminum Housed Mantles

Round Bottom Aluminum Housed Mantles

Heating Mantles

Series TM Round Bottom Mantles

The Series TM mantle covers only the flask’s bottom half, letting you see its full contents. Larger sizes have multiple circuits for ease of temperature control when a flask is less than half full. Withstands 400°C internal operating temperature.

Certification: All 115 volt units are CSA certified. 100B TM122 is also CSA Certified CSA 
Electrical: Separable 4 foot 3-wire cord and locking connector. **Replacement cord is # R08 102**.
Options: Series TM mantles are available with a bottom hole for flask drains
Terminal box models are available with switches and pilot lights.
100B TM106 through 100B TM122 available sealed and with inert gas purge fitting.

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