• 16 channels is a one unit wide NIM module
  • Differential and Single ended versions available
  • Dedicated version for germanium and silicon strip detectors
  • Pile-up rejection facility individually selectable
  • Programmable positive or negative input polarity per each channel
  • ±4 V input dynamics on 50 Ohm (SE) and 110 Ohm (Differential)
  • Active baseline restorer with programmable output offset
  • 16 channels CFD with 5 step delay individually jumper selectable
  • 12-bit programmable delay on ECL CFD output (range: 200 – 800 ns)
  • Timing filter amplifiers with programmable differentiation and integration time
  • CFD, Energy or Timing filter multiplexed output
  • Multiplicity trigger (NIM) with programmable threshold
  • Programmable 4 (5 for N1068GE) shaping time per channel
  • Programmable fast unipolar input mode for PMT and all fast charge detectors
  • 8 step coarse gain and 7-bit fine gain for energy amplifier
  • Low Noise
  • Programmable 8-bit pole zero adjustment
  • Completely programmable via USB, Ethernet and RS485: Thresholds. shaping times, gains, Pole-Zero, etc.
  • OR output and Multiplicity output
  • Low Power

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