LPPYRA03 Series – Second Class Pyranometers

LPPYRA03 Series – Second Class Pyranometers

Second Class Pyranometers according to ISO 9060. Complete with levelling device and calibration report.

The LPPYRA03 are pyranometers classified as Second Class in accordance with ISO 9060 and according to the WMO.

The pyranometers are available in five versions:
LPPYRA03 passive
LPPYRA03AC active with current 4..20 mA output
LPPYRA03AV active with voltage 0..1 V, 0..5 V, 0..10 V output, to specify.
LPPYRA03S with MODBUS RS485 output.
LPPYRA03S12 with SDI-12 output.

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