HD9408T serie – Meteo barometric transmitter

HD9408T serie – Meteo barometric transmitter

Barometric transmitter output 0…1 Vdc, measuring range 800…1100 mbar. (600…1100 on request).

HD9408TBARO and HD9408TRBARO are analog output electronic barometers. They use a piezoresistive sensor element which gives extremely accurate and stable measurement of the atmospheric pressure and assures excellent repeatability, low hysteresis and very good temperature stability.
The output signal of the sensor is conditioned to provide a voltage or a current output linearly proportional to the barometric pressure. The transmitters are ready as they have been calibrated at the factory. A zero adjustments potentiometer is available for offset to station elevation.

HD9408TBARO requires a continuous dc power supply, its low power consumption (< 4 mA) makes it ideal for portable and remote battery or solar powered applications. It is available in different kinds of analog output: 0-1 Vdc, 0-5 Vdc (1-5 Vdc, 1-6 Vdc on request) or 4-20 mA (two wires).
HD9408TRBARO offers superior temperature performance: the internal circuitry allows the sensor to work at constant temperature so that it achieves accurate temperature compensation over the whole range from -40°C to +60°C.
HD9408TRBARO requires a continuous dc power supply and a differential cabling connection to achieve best results. It is available in different output versions:
0÷1 Vdc, 0÷5 Vdc (1÷5 Vdc, 1÷6 Vdc on request).

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