HD320A2 – CO Carbon Monoxide Probe

HD320A2 – CO Carbon Monoxide Probe

CO probe for carbon monoxide measurement equipped with SICRAM module

HD320A2 is a probe to be used with the HD32.1 Thermal Comfort data logger.

The probe measures the carbon monoxide concentration in air. Together with the HD320B2 probe, the HD320A2 probe allows analyzing and monitoring the air quality in internal environments and detecting any loss of CO.
The sensor for the measurement of CO consists of an electrochemical cell with two electrodes.

Measuring range 0 ÷ 500 ppm.

Cable length 2m equipped with SICRAM module.

The probe is calibrated by the company and, usually, doesn’t request any intervention by the user.

A magnetic support (HD320AS2) can be used for fixing the probe HD320A2 to the housing of probe HD320B2.

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