HD32.3TC – HD32.3TCA – Thermal Microclimate PMV-PPD / WBGT

HD32.3TC – HD32.3TCA – Thermal Microclimate PMV-PPD / WBGT

Portable datalogger suitable for indoor air quality and microclimate analysis (Indoor Air Quality, IAQ).

Thermal microclimate for the measurement of WBGT, PMV (mean predicted vote), PPD (predicted percentage of dissatisfied), DR (draught rate), TU (local turbulence intensity), HI (heat index), UTCI (Universal Thermal Climate Index), TEP (perceived equivalent temperature) indices, CO2, PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10. Estimation of SARS-CoV-2 decay time on surfaces.

HD32.3TC is the portable version, mostly used in combination with a table stand (small tripod).
HD32.3TCA is the version that is being used with a stable tripod, suitable to be used for measurements during a longer period.

Technically the difference is simple: with the HD32.3TCA the sensors are being connected by a cable and a black globe of 150mm is used. With the HD32.3TC the black globe is 50mm and the sensors are being connected directly on top of the instrument.

Both are fully according to the applicable ISO7730, ISO7726 and ISO7243 regulations.

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