HD32.2A – WBGT Index Measurement

HD32.2A – WBGT Index Measurement

Thermal microclimate to measure the WBGT index in Hot Environments

HD32.2A is a thermal microclimate data logger to measure WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe thermometer temperature) Index in Hot Environments according to ISO 7726 and ISO 7243.

Once mounted on its tripod VTRAP32.2A.3A , the instrument is suitable for long period measurements. It is provided with three inputs for probes with cables to be fixed on the dedicated holder HD32.2.7.1. The probes are provided with SICRAM module: they have an electric circuit that communicates with the instrument. The sensor calibration data are saved in its permanent memory. All the SICRAM probes can be inserted in one of the inputs: they are automatically recognized when you switch the instrument on.

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