HD32.1 – Thermal Microclimate Data Logger

HD32.1 – Thermal Microclimate Data Logger

Microclimate data logger, multifunctional instrument. Measuring PMV and PPD according to ISO7726, ISO7730, ISO7243, ISO7933, ISO11079 and ISO8996.

The HD32.1 Thermal Microclimate is a data logger multifunction instrument to measure the microclimate in moderate, hot, severe hot, cold environments and the measure of physical quantities. It is provided with 8 inputs for probes equipped with SICRAM module and a back-lighted graphic display. It has been designed for microclimate analysis in the workplace; the instrument is used to detect the necessary parameters to establish if a certain workspace is suitable to perform certain activities.

The instrument can manage three operating programs that can be loaded by the user, according to the measurements program and the quantities being detected.

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