Gasmet DX4015

Gasmet DX4015

Gasmet FTIR for Greenhouse Gases

Gasmet’s solution to GHG flux measurements is based on FTIR technology. FTIR works by scanning and analyzing the entire infrared spectrum in order to measure all the infrared absorbing gases in the sample simultaneously. Most molecules have a characteristic absorption spectrum that can be used to identify gases and accurately measure their concentration.

The FTIR technology is well-suited for measurements of greenhouse gases over wide ranges, and is ideal for different soil types, such as terrestrial ecosystems, agricultural soils and aquatic environments, with varying GHG emissions. Gasmet soil flux analyzers provide the users with the ability to follow concentration changes in real-time, and to study and analyze the results as soon as they are collected.

Gasmet provides two field-deployable non-destructive FTIR based soil flux analyzers for continuous multicomponent gas analyses: DX4040 and DX4015. These robust gas analyzers enable the measurement up to 50 different gas compounds simultaneously. Both soil flux analyzers are ideal for field work and capable of taking samples from several chambers automatically.

These analyzers do not require span calibrations; zero calibration with nitrogen gas or ambient air is all that is necessary. As a result, field operations are quick and simple, and their small footprint makes them attractive in the laboratory environment.

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