First Class Pyranometers – ISO 9060. Complete

First Class Pyranometers - ISO 9060. Complete

LPPYRA02 Series – First Class Pyranometer

First class pyranometer according to ISO 9060. The LPPYRA02 are well suited for the measurement of incoming global solar radiation (0.3μm…3μm spectral range). Complete with: shade disk, sachet with silica-gel crystals, 2 cartridges, levelling device and calibration report. On request 5 or 10m cables with connectors

The LPPYRA02 are available in five versions: LPPYRA02 passive
LPPYRA02AC active current (4 .. 20 mA)
LPPYRA102AV active, Voltage output 0 .. 1 V, 0 .. 5 V, 0 .. 10 V
LPPYRA02S Modbus RS485 output
LPPYRA02S12 active with SDI-12 output.

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