EMP Series Gas Detector with Transmitter

EMP Series Gas Detector with Transmitter

For various gases with 4-20mA Transmitter

Gases Available

Gas Model Range
Low Standard High *
O2 EMP-O2-TX 0-25% 0-100%
CO EMP-CO-TX 0-50ppm 0-300ppm 2000ppm
H2S EMP-HS-TX 0-5ppm 0-50ppm 0-300ppm
Cl2 EMP-CI-TX 0-5ppm 0-20ppm 0-200ppm
NO EMP-NO-TX 0-20ppm 0-50ppm 0-300ppm
NO2 EMP-ND-TX 0-5ppm 0-30ppm 0-300ppm
SO2 EMP-SD-TX 0-5ppm 0-50ppm 0-200ppm
H2 EMP-H2-TX 0-200ppm 0-2000ppm 0-5%
HCI EMP-HC-TX 0-10ppm 0-50ppm 0-200ppm
ETO EMP-ET-TX 0-20ppm
O3 EMP-O3-TX 0-2ppm
HCN EMP-CN-TX 0-50ppm 0-100ppm 0-200ppm

* Sensors should not be exposed to the maximum range for extended periods

otherwise the sensor will be damaged.

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