DS1120 GIR Infra-Red Flow Alarm For Glass Vas

DS1120 GIR Infra-Red Flow Alarm For Glass Vas


  • Detects rise or drop of a specified level of flow
  • Self-calibrates sensitivity to accommodate various tube transparency
  • Detects conditions that may adversely affect reliability
  • Status indicator
  • Adjustable over full range of flow tube
  • Suitable for normal (NG/NGX) or miniature (LG/LGX) flowmeters
  • Open drain output that can drive standard logic circuits
  • Optional mains interface relay module


Platon Floscan sensors use an infra-red beam across the

glass flowtube of a Variable Area (VA) flowmeter.

Passage of the float between the sensor arms is detected,

and logic within the electronics determines whether the float

is above or below the sensor position.

Electronics inside the sensor module gives an open drain transistor output, suitable for external logic circuits.

Suitable for all gas flows, and liquid flows where the float is visible, the sensor is clipped to the back of the flowmeter frame, typically on a Platon NG/NGX Series (normal 100mm scale) or LG/LGX series (miniature 30mm scale) VA meter.

Movement up and down the frame allows the sensor to provide a flow alarm at any point on the tube scale, as required.

The sensor can also be supplied on Platon GU or SGUV style flowmeters.

The optional mains interface and relay module is used to provide the DC power needed to drive the sensor electronics, plus a SPCO 8 Amp mains relay output.

This relay acts as a slave to the transistor output from the sensor module.

Each Floscan relay module has two output relays, and can be used to monitor two separate alarm sensors.

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