Cobia Flex

Cobia Flex

The Cobia Flex offers you the convenience to make your X-ray Quality Control as quick and accurate as possible. It’s just as easy as the Cobia Smart but with more possibilities. The Cobia Flex has an internal detector, offers the ability to connect different probes and ion chambers, and has built-in mAs. The measured values can be read directly from the large and clear display, and stored in the Cobia Flex to read later.

Cobia Flex users also have the possibility to use a tablet or a PC, saving data to computer, printing reports, using analyses and much more. The X-ray QA software, Ocean, exhibits the Cobia’s capabilities and adds benefits that make the workflow more practical and simple. Ocean makes it possible to perform remote X-ray QA measurements with your Cobia Flex. You simply connect to your Cobia Flex via Bluetooth or with a USB cable to your PC or Tablet – then measure.

With the addition of Ocean Professional, the Cobia Flex truly becomes an indispensable X-ray QA tool. Perform your QA work without any worries – sensitivity, kV-ranges or waveform types. It is automatic!

*Requires Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista.

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