Breast Ultrasound Needle Biopsy Phantom 052A

Breast Ultrasound Needle Biopsy Phantom 052A

Model 052A The perfect training device for ultrasound guided needle biopsy procedures

The Model 052A, Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom with Amorphous Lesions, was designed specifically for ultrasound-guided needle biopsy training and experimentation.  The non-spherical shape of the embedded targets enable practice with 2D, 3D and 4D image acquisition.


The Model 052A accurately mimics the ultrasonic characteristics of tissues found in the average human breast.  The size and shape of the phantom simulates that of an average patient in the supine position.  Within each phantom, there are six cystic masses and six dense masses which are randomly positioned.


Because it is constructed of a self-healing formulation of Zerdine®, the phantom will allow multiple biopsy insertions with minimal needling tracking. Needle tracks will usually disappear within minutes (sometime seconds) of needle removal. Each cystic mass may be aspirated once and each dense mass may be biopsied multiple times.


A special holding tray facilitates proper hand position during the training procedures.


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