SafeAir -Chemical Detection Badges

SafeAir -Chemical Detection Badges

When there’s a threat of chemical hazard, immediate detection is paramount. The SafeAir System offers immediate visual confirmation of a specific chemical hazard. SafeAir chemical detection badges are available for many different toxic industrial chemicals.

The highly sensitive and selective sensor in the SafeAir badge is designed to show a homogeneous and stable color change, which appears as an exclamation point when a particular chemical is present. No calibration or laboratory analysis is needed, making the badges effective, easy-to-use and inexpensive.

For many SafeAir badges, a color comparator is available to pinpoint the exposure dose of a toxic chemical. These specially designed color charts feature a slot for the badges. Once the badge is inserted, the user can turn a wheel to match the colors. The exposure dose is indicated in the exposure dose window

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