XC-5000 AutoKinetic™ Sampling Console

XC-5000 AutoKinetic™ Sampling Console

Our XC-5000 AutoKinetic Series is designed for conducting US EPA Method 5 and associated isokinetic methods. Take the worry out of isokinetic sampling and the human error out of manual data entries and calculations. The XC-5000 Series is compatible with your existing Method 5 stack sampling components. Report preparation is streamlined with accurate data downloadable to files for easy report preparation.


Features and Benefits:


  • Automated Isokinetic Sampler improves data integrity.
  • Improves precision and provides quality measurements.
  • Windows-based interface guides operator through the sampling process.
  • Calculates traverse points, ideal nozzle diameter, and isokinetic rate.
  • Accepts standard modules for various EPA Methods.
  • Software assisted pre and post leak checks.
  • Optional automatic pause function.
  • Notifies you to move the probe.
  • Alarms for user attention.
  • Stores sampling profiles and data.
  • English or metric units
  • Multilingual language editor
  • Sunlight readable LED Display

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