Filter Media

Apex Instruments offers a wide range of filter media to meet any sampling requirements. Listed below are the standard media and sizes that Apex Instruments normally stock. Additional materials and sizes are available upon request.

Quartz Fiber Filters


Quartz Fiber Filters are manufactured from pure quartz without a binder and are frequently used for high temperature air sampling applications. Ideal for acidic gases (except Hydrofluoric) and aerosols, stacks and flue gas monitoring. 99.998% DOP retention efficiency (0.3μm DOP)



Glass Fiber Filters



Glass Fiber Filters are most the commonly used filters for particulate sampling. All of the glass fiber filters are binder free and exhibit at least 99.95% efficiency for 0.3 μm dioctyl phthalate (DOP) smoke particles. 934AH is available.  Not recommended for metals analysis.


PTFE Filter Membranes


PTFE Filter Membranes are produced of pure PTFE resins. They withstand the most severely corrosive conditions at temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C). The membrane is hydrophobic and maintains its strength in both wet and dry environments. PTFE filter media provides durability for hostile acid aerosol monitoring. 1.0µm pore size membrane.

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