Pumps – XE-0523 Method 5 Pump Assembly

Pumps - XE-0523 Method 5 Pump Assembly

The Lubricated Rotary Vane Pump includes a 5’ power cord and two kink-free hoses with non-reversible quick connects. The pump is mounted in our standard durable, rugged X-Case with removable covers a providing easy access for service. The wick style lubricator requires less maintenance than other lubricator systems.

All applicable components are rated 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz.




  • XE-0523 Sample Pump Mounted in UHMW polyethelene Case.
  • Available in Open Frame Case (E-0523 Sample Pump)
  • XC-522 Console recommended Pump Accessory.
  • Optional XF-05HW Pump Frame – Handle Assembly, Black Tubular Steel with 8″ Wheels.


Motor: 1/4hp, 120V/60Hz 4.6 Amp., RPM 1725.

Measured Flow: 3.1 cfm@ 1 inch Hg; 1.5 cfm@ 15 inches Hg.

Maximum Vacuum: 25.5” Hg.


Weight: 44 lbs., (20kg).

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