FlexCal Series – Primary Gas Flow Calibrators

FlexCal Series - Primary Gas Flow Calibrators

Mesa Labs’ newest standardized and volumetric primary flow standard offers easy-to-navigate calibrations with unparalleled flow ranges, accuracy and portability. The FlexCal features:
  • USB connectivity
  • Flow ranges from 5 ccm to 50 LPM
  • Quick start operation
  • Graphical LCD display
  • User-selectable flow units and time intervals

The FlexCal offers flow ranges up to 50 LPM with a standardized accuracy of 0.5%, but is small, easy to carry and ready for even the most demanding of applications. When you use Mesa Labs’ FlexCal, you are guaranteed high accuracy with high confidence without the use of soap bubbles, timers, or heavy provers. At Mesa Labs, we worry about calibration so you don’t have to.

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