Primary Gas Flow Calibrators

Primary Gas Flow Calibrators

Metrology Series DryCal 1020 & 1500

This powerful calibrator, featuring our patented proven DryCal® Technology is changing the game of flow calibration. The instrument has a range of from 5 to 1500 standard liters per minute (slpm) – more than ten times the volume of any other piston prover on the market! The portability of this model, which weighs in at 90lbs. is a dramatic and welcomed improvement over the cumbersome bell provers labs have used in the past.

For use with non-corrosive, non-condensing, non-combustible gases, less than 70% humidity.

Combine our DryCal primary piston provers with our new Integrator Pro to set up an analog MFC and MFM calibration station and power and control up to two voltage and two current mass flow devices at the same time.


DryCal 1020

  • Flow Range: 5 – 500 slpm
  • Standardized Accuracy: 0.25% of reading
  • Pressure Range – Operating (Absolute): 10-19.5 PSI

DryCal 1500

  • Flow Range: 15 – 1500 slpm
  • Standardized Accuracy: 0.45% of reading
  • Pressure Range – Operating (Absolute): 45 PSI
  • Upstream flow measurement capacity of 1500 slpm

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