Gasmet GT5000 Terra

Gasmet GT5000 Terra

FTIR Analyzer

The GT5000 Terra represents a next-generation gas analyzer combining high technology with ease of use and true robustness. This analyzer is specifically designed fo demanding and active

field and on the go use. It is lightweight and compact meaning that it can be easily carried

as a backpack to the field with minimum effort. What is more, the analyzer allows simultaneous

gas measurements while on the go. The analyzer is IP54 rated which proves the

robustness of the instrument. The GT5000 Terra is 100% splashproof which means that little rain

does not disturb outdoor field measurements.

Additionally, it is safe and secure to measure even trembling circumstances.

The software is a key to a good user experience.

The analyzer is operated by a Windows tablet running the Calcmet Easy software with a clear,

visually pleasing and intuitive design. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, this powerful gas

analyzer does not require hours of training to master the instrument.

GT5000 Terra is full of features, in a tiny but robust package. A high sensitivity sample cell for lowest possible detection limits, multicomponent capability and a built-in-pump, so no need for a separate sampling system. This portable gas analyzer is also lightweight (9.4 kg), splashproof (IP54 rated) and battery-powered providing unmatched portability for such a powerful analyzer. Designed for

demanding on-field use, the GT5000 is the perfect tool for a wide variety of applications and uses cases.

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